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Wade Peacock

Changing Careers

My dad and my brothers teach school

I tried it, 16 years I worked like a mule

Being let go at Ferr-un

And at Malad killed the fun

To keep on would have made me a fool

As teachers my family wins prizes

For me t’was all trauma and crisis

What can I say?

I found ATK,

And decided, “I guess I’ll try this.”

So I left that job in Malad

Losing it did make me sad

But I said “What the heck,

I’ll go and write specs”

That decision has made me feel glad

ATK is a place that builds rockets,

My job is writing ‘bout screws bolts and sockets

But when man gets to Mars

And claims it as ours

Those who laugh will no longer mock it.

The rocket scientist, like a modern magician

Makes magic with fusion and fission

He makes missiles soar with grace

He sends men out to space

And I’m here to help him out with his diction

See, rocket scientist sometimes can’t spell

What they do, they do very well

But, I check all their writing,

Which can sometimes be frightening.

That’s a secret I probably shouldn’t tell.

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