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Mersadie Somerville

Mersadie Somerville's Poems


All I crave is a touch, a loving word
This is not how it should be, it's absurd
I should be your everything, or at least something more
I can't stop it, the tears from my eyes pour
I find myself staring at you, begging for you to see
See how much you have damaged, see how much you have hurt me
I'm sure a part of you knows, but the majority wants to forget
All your empty promises hurt, but I won't relent
I wish you could see how much I ache
Are you honestly trying? Or are you just a fake?


Why go to heaven or hell, if I can just stay here?
This world knows me good and well, my angels and demons are near
I don't need a damnation or a paradise
To know what's wrong and to know what's right
This world is evil, this world is good
Mainly, however; it's just misunderstood
The bad and the holy have blurred into one and the same
Each thing I see is like a picture in a rusted frame
Reaching perfection is impossible and it turns you plastic
The worry, the pressure, the fear makes us masochistic
I can't help but wonder why we to even try
All it does is make us freak, make us cry
Each and all are insanely descructive
We live and breathe and are never productive
All anyone ever craves is peace and bliss
But we never get it, just darkness, can't you hear the hiss?
I could go on and on but why bother?
The air is ful of a constant high, will we ever be sober?


Why is it that every time I look at you, I feel something shift inside of me?
I try to hide it, but I do wonder if you can see
See this broken heart that's inside of me pounding for you
I just have such a fear of how things would change if you knew
When I hear your favorite song, I can't help but wonder
Do you think of me when you hear those words? Or another?
I want so badly to show you how life can be if you live
I want to make you feel, I want to make you feel alive
Do you think that my hands running down your skin will make you quiver?
Or will they make you turn away in disgust and shiver?
I yearn to know how it feels to be enveloped in you
I just have such a fear of how things would change if you knew
Every time you say my name, I feel my skin turn to fire
I hate, but love, this ultimate desire
I keep telling myself and everyone around me that I don't feel a thing
But truthfully, you have captivated this soul inside of my being
Why are you so complicated? Why are you such a mystery?
Is this friendship between us? Or true romantic chemistry?
I want to be your everything, the one you crave
I feel like each word I say about you, is another shovel of dirt, digging my grave
I don't want to, but I can't help but feel this way for you
I just have such a fear of how things would change if you knew...

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