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Kale Peacock

The Tragic Tale of Ollie McGill

There once was a farm boy named Ollie McGill,

Who's mostly quite stoic, but sometimes a pill.

He lived near the foot of Benbaderdon Hill.

He had time to kill.

So to the top of the hill climbed our Ollie.

He sat feeling good and even quite jolly,

But then he looked down and there saw his folly:

Her with his collie.

The girl that Ollie loved most was named Cass,

She was beautiful, smart; a stunning young lass.

She held up her head with pride and such class,

With skin smooth as glass.

She surely had come to answer his query -

Which when he asked her was really quite scary -

A fortnight now past he'd asked her to marry.

He shouldn't tarry.

So fast as he could Ollie ran down the hill

But he tripped and he fell like Jack and like Jill.

And when he came to, his spine felt a cold chill;

She wasn't there still.

He rode into town all the way on his horse -

To find her and there show regret and remorse -

For not being at home, to finish the course;

Her love to endorse.

As fast as he could he went down to her home.

The light in the sky was just starting to gloam.

There answered her father, who looked like a gnome,

"She's gone off to roam."

Again Ollie raced off down street after street

Praying hard with all of his heart they would meet.

In a window he found her beauty so sweet.

He went up discreet.

She stood in a lovely white dress with a frill

With Billy O'Malley his suit made of twill.

Ollie died there that night, not really but still,

To see her kiss Bill.

And this is moral here told with some charm:

If you live near a hill somewhere on a farm

And think climbing the hill will cause no alarm,

Just look at the harm.

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