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DaNell Rasmussen


Nelly stepped out of her car and saw the eerie sight of the Victor Cemetery. It was late at night and there were clouds covering what was left of the sunset. Tati got out of the car on the other side and couldn’t believe that anyone could be buried in such a dump.

“Are you sure this is the right place?” Tati asked.

“Positive, I can’t imagine how we could miss this old run down dump?” Nelly said.

“If this is the right place then where are the others?”

“Let’s wait and see if they come.”

“Let’s go look around then.”

“OK. Let’s go see who’s buried here.”

As they were walking around, Nelly saw a headstone with her name on it. She yelled to Tati to come look. When Tati got there she read the headstone.

‘Nelly Rasmussen Died May 26, 2008’

Tati was stumped how could this person with the same name as her friend have died on this very day? She continued looking around the cemetery until she saw a headstone with her name on it. She read it.

Tati Larson Died May 26, 2008’

Tati screamed and yelled at Nelly to get back to the car as fast as she could. Tati realized that every headstone in the cemetery had one of their friends’ names on it.

Nelly started running to the gate with Tati right behind her. As the gate drew nearer it shut. They were trapped in some creepy old cemetery which contained the headstones of everyone they know and loved.

They tried to jump the fence but the fence grew taller and taller. They went to the center of the cemetery where there was a giant weeping willow. They huddled under its branches. Just then Tati disappeared. Then so did Nelly. In front of each of their headstones appeared a freshly churned pile of earthen soil.

Mwaa Haa Haa Haa Haa!!!

Until Next Time


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