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Skyler Peacock

The Monster in the Basement

Why are we in the basement, Justin?”  Gabriel asked.  Gabriel and Justin were in the middle of the Justin’s basement.  Only one light was in the corner of the basement.  No boxes, no newspaper on the floor, and no junk bunched in the corners. “Justin, why is there no stairs or a way to get out of this basement?”  

Be quiet.”  Justin sat down on the basement floor, “Stop freaking out and sit down!”  

Gabriel sat down by Justin.  “Why are we in the basement?  I don’t even remember how we got in here…” Gabriel said.

 Justin sighed and said; “I told you already that you are in my dream. I don’t want you here, and I hate you in here!”  

What is the point of having a dream with nothing in it?” 

Are you nothing, Gabriel?” 

No… wait, you’re saying you have dreamed me to come into this basement?” 

With sarcasm Justin said, “No I put you in this basement with me.  All this is real, and something is coming out of the wall over there.” 

Justin pointed over to the wall to get Gabriel’s attention.  Justin got up and started to run towards the opposite wall. Gabriel started to follow and stopped in amazement…  Justin was running up the wall, and Gabriel had no idea how to run up a wall!  Gabriel turned around to face the first wall. He imagined the horrible beast would look like a hairy, human eating monster! 

When Gabriel could see the monster, he was caught by surprise. It was not what he imaged the thing would be.  He saw nothing but a two legged, two armed, one head, two eyed, sea monster, which was fat. He or she looked green and brown and deadly. Water started to flow out of the wall with the sea monster! Gabriel intently turned around to try to climb the wall but could not. He looked up to find Justin. Justin was on the basement ceiling waving at Gabriel.

Gabriel, just for you to know, when you die from either the water or the sea monster, you will wake up in your bed.  I just like putting you in my dreams so I can make your life so much better when you’re asleep.”  The water was up to Gabriel’s neck when the sea monster woke him up.

Gabriel opened his eyes suddenly, and said out load in a whisper “I need to tell Justin that he needs to stop killing me in my dreams. Why can’t I dream of monsters under my bed or goblins plundering my village?”

Gabriel heard Justin’s voice in his head, “Because Gabriel, you’re just not the lucky one.”

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