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Rylee Keele

The Furry Monster

The scary furry monster was afraid of the light. He went in the tall dark building to get away from the lights. He found some friends. They looked out but the sun was up, they got scared and went into a darker place in the building.

They found something on the ground. They didn't know what it was. They picked it up, they tried to break it. They thought it was a ball so they tried to throw it, but it didn't work – it just dropped right back down onto the ground. Then they tried to bite it, they bit a piece off, they thought it tasted good. They thought they would call it a hot dog – it was hot and it tasted like dog meat.

They decided to try and go out again. It was night so they went out. The first one out was the furry monster. It was fun. They had a party. All the monsters came to the party. Everybody danced and found their food. Some of them dug in the ground to find food. The furry monster brought the rest of his hot dog. Everyone loved it. When they saw a human they tried to eat him. He ran away though. The monsters that were digging found dead bodies – they ate them for dinner. They didn't like the brains so they decided to collect them.

After diner they had to go back inside because the sun was coming up and they were tired. The first one to go back inside was the furry monster. He was tired so he went to bed.

The End

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