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Hunter Madsen

The Werewolf and the Demeter

One day the Werewolf came to town. And it was on a real dark black night. The moon was out and the sky was black. The moon made all the trees look like they had scary faces. It was the mountain where the Evil Eye volcano was. This time the Demeter came with him. Everybody knew they were evil. The werewolf was NINE FEET TALL. And he had brown thick hair all over him. And he could run really fast. The Demeter liked to eat people. He had a very scary face. So he had to put a hood over his head so people couldn’t see how bad he looked. He was really skinny and tall, but not as tall as the Werewolf.

So everybody in town ran away and hid, so these evil guys couldn’t get them. So when all the people in the town hid, the Werewolf and the Demeter ran all through the town and stole every bodies Gold and Jewels and all there precious stone and even all there money.

Then they jumped in their Wolf mobile, and took off. They hit the button in the secret compartment and the wings came out on the side of the Wolf Mobile. And they started flying through the air. Then the jet rocket came out and they blasted off really fast. The engines burst into flames and they flew through the air, at 5000 miles an hour and went all the way to Mars.

When the people came back, they discovered all their money and jewels and gold was gone. They knew those rascals had taken it. And they all cried because they were so sad. But they were glad because they knew the Werewolf and the Demeter was on Mars and they couldn’t come get them any more.

The End

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