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Jaimie Johnson

The Monster in the Basement

I had a plan. I always have a plan. For everything. Now.. I just had to find it. It was definitely written down here somewhere. Okay... Housecleaning Plan. Tuesday Dinner Plan... No.. Spiders in the Kitchen Plan. Overflowing Toilet Plan.. No. How to Plan Plan... Ugh!!! I know I had written a Monster in the Basement Plan. Back when Joel wouldn't go down there to switch the laundry. Oh! Maybe it was in Joel's bedroom. Ugh... A nine year old boys room wasn't the place to look for a plan. I had given him the How to Clean Your Room in Just 5 Minutes a Day Plan. With pictures... he had just laughed and probably stuck it in a drawer. Okay.. back to the MIBP.. Monster in the Basement Plan.. MIBP hehehaha.... Funny thing is, I never really thought I needed a MIBP. I just did it to get some help with the Laundry Plan. But,...well, I don't want to admit this, but I think I actually may have a Monster in my basement. I went down there with my How to De-clutter your Basement in One Afternoon Plan (I bought that one). And was well on my way with a Keep, Yard sale, and Garbage Pile. I was so proud of myself.. The garbage and yard sale pile were bigger than the keep pile. and I had bought a set of shelves and had just finished putting them together and had them all lined up nice and neat. And these neat little plastic containers so that you cold see what was in there. And I had built these cool shelves for food storage so that you put the new stuff on the back and the oldest was always in the front.. you know so that you were always using it and cycling it through and well that's another story. Oh..And a label maker so I could label all my contain AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! And that's when it happened. I went to print a label and there was no label tape. Ahh... right on the box...Label tape sold separately. Well.. I could not go on. Not without label tape. So I left to run to Walmart, taking a bag of the garbage pile with me on the way up. Off to Walmart I went with my How to Get the Best Parking Place Plan and How to Pick the Shortest Line Plan... anyways... Okay.. Walmart-- Label Tape.. Office Supply Aisle. Scotch Tape. Duck Tape. Packing Tape. Strapping Tape. Gift Wrapping Tape. Satin Tape (what?) Paper tape. 3 pack, 5 pack, 10 pack. Tape Dispenser. Okay.... Aaahh Label Tape. 2mm, 3mm, 5mm. Orange, white, blue, green, yellow, red.. Humm Green and Red for Christmas. Orange for Halloween. Yellow for Thanksgiving. Red again for Valentines. Humm.. maybe just Green for Christmas. But what about St. Patrick's.. did I even have any St. Patrick's... maybe a few things. Well, one of each I supposed. $5.49 apiece!! Well, lets just get white then. Or clear.. or black. UGH!! Stop. White it is. So to the check out line.. the shortest of course. Back to the house where I poured myself a nice cold Diet Pepsi.. with lemon. Well, actually, I use the Lemon Crystal light.. I like it better than the green bottle lemon concentrate. It is just tangier.And easier to carry. Humm.. Oh.. back to the story. So, I went back to finish my De-cluttering of the Basement. I flipped on the light and practically skipped down the stairs, I was so excited to use my label maker. I was looking forward to have the room to execute my Quilt Making Plan. Lots of room in the basement and nice and cool. I always wanted my bedroom in the basement... dark, cool, and lots of space... so nice and clean.. Everything put away and all stacked in my nice clear containers and labeled.. And WHAT!!!! Everything was put away. And organized by holiday. All the food storage shelves had these cute individual labels. And alphabetically in order... ahh.. Applesauce, Black Beans, Chili Beans, Cranberry sauce, Green Beans, Potatoes, Spaghettio's... well you get it. It was so pretty. And so nice. And that is when I discovered my Monster in the Basement. It was me. I was a CLEAN'N MONSTER!!!! Hehehe I tricked you! Hahahaheheahhhhoooo. Okay so the label box had actually said Label tape ALSO sold separtley. You all thought I had actually went Walmart.. well, I did. I needed more label tape. Then I took a nice long nap in my incrediably comfortable bed. With the light out drapes and the fan on high. Then came the nice cold Diet Pepsi. And a chocolate, strawberry crepe.. with whip cream. Hummmm.. Now... Clean the Attic in One Morning Plan Or How to Reclaim your Garage for your Car can Park there Plan. Oh... by the way.. this whole plan thing has really changed my life. Now, why exactly was I looking for the MIB Plan again? There was a reason... I am so absent minded these days...hummmmm. Ooooh, How to Make a Hundred Different Kinds of Cookies for Christmas Plan..... off to Walmart to get ingredients.... Baking Aisle.....

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