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Cinnamon Madsen

Cin's Poems


In my arms I hold you

As I softly rock you back and forth…

I hear your breath on my shoulder,

I feel your heart beat against mine-

Your body so warm and soft,

Your hair is velvet on my cheek.

This is the best part of my day.

I love you Colton.

(Written for Colton in 2003 when he was 3 months old.)

Tender Voices

I hear little voices in the room next to mine

Playing, laughing, pretending.

Casually listening I hear one voice say,

Do you want to watch cartoons instead?”

And then I see those voices

Walking hand in hand,

A smile fills my heart

As I watch them pass my doorway.

No let’s go back.”

And they pass again.

Don’t worry,” one says,

Those monsters are just in your imagination.”

(Written June 2006)

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