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Kale Peacock

Help Me!

(Interactive #2)

What are you looking at? So maybe I am drinking a little too much. I’m having a stressful time. The last thing I need is some punk interrupting me. Now back off. Let me just sit here and mutter to myself. It’s not my fault anyway. I mean, what was I supposed to do. I would have lost everything. My job, my house. Maybe my wife would have lefts me. I guess I lost most everything anyway. Like you care. Well, time to go; one more for the road.

Ah! It’s too bright out here. I think that whatever jerk made this world could’ve put in a dimmer switch or something. Well, I’d better get going. These kind of people aren’t the kind who are going to wait long.

Walking down this street doesn’t help much. This is where we first met, my wife and I. On a Tuesday. She tripped. I rushed over to help while her boyfriend just kept on walking. She dumped him there and then. After that she shyly invited me to have a drink, to thank me. That bar isn’t here anymore. But, I can save her. They’ll listen to reason won’t they? I have to try. The bar is a Laundromat or something now. Oh, why can’t I get any peace in this thing? Please, please let me find it. Let me find the way out of this. Keep me safe…do what you want with me, keep her safe.

Well, here I am. I can’t get my legs to work. I’ve got to do it. Just step into the warehouse. I’m here. Hey, they don’t need those guns. Look, I’m here. Here is the money. I know it’s not all of it. Oh, please let this work. Look, that’s 25 of it. 25,000. I can get the other 5,000, two days, that’s all I need. No, don’t do it! Come on, come on, help me. No! Not my fingers! No. Stop! Stop them, help! Help! A gun, a pencil, anything. Ahhh! My fingers! They cut them off! My blood. No…they can’t do that too. They already got my fingers, leave her alone. Look, I can get the rest of the money. No!

Running. I’m running to my home, that’s where she’ll be. It’s almost noon, I look at the sky. A lot of help you were. Now I’m down here with missing fingers while you’re up there, not caring. Thanks a lot. Help me; that’s all I ask.

I’m almost there. Oh, please let her be alive when I get there. I’m here. Honey?! Thank you. Oh thank you! She’s alive. They are here too? I can get the money. 5,000…10,000, just let her live, please. Don’t hurt her. No, what are they doing? 10,000…20,000, I’ll get it too them. Please stop this. Stop this! Please don’t kill her! You can stop this please. Get something, change it. Erase it, you can do that. Oh please no! They can put the gun down. Wait…wait…you can stop it, you can. Just stop reading! Stop now! You don’t have to keep going. They’ll kill her. You’ll kill her! No, not now! Put it down, please, please. Just stop reading the story. A computer! You’re sitting at a computer. Just turn it off. Walk away. Please stop. Please don’t…NO!

WHY!!! Why couldn’t you just put it down? Stop reading? You killed her! You put the bullet through her brain! Why? Was it so important to finish the story? To get those last few sentences in? Was it worth it? Was it worth the life of my dear, dear wife? Was it worth it for a dumb story?

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