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Cami Benkirane

Natures Life

As I sit here pondering about nature, I notice how the grass feels like damp velvet under my fingertips. I see brown dead grass under the fresh green grass like new styles covered up by old fashions. The weeds have invaded the grass like army forces in enemy territory.

My eyes have now wandered to the trees. Small trees are scattered on the grass like curious pioneers searching for new lives in a vast valley. Larger trees of green, yellow, and brown form a barrier around the school. As I search for more trees, I see two spruce trees standing together like bride and groom making their wedding vows. Trees are everywhere like baby animals on a farm in the spring. Dry shriveled up leaves have littered the ground like garbage on a city highway. The shadows the trees are casting on the school look like ghouls or frightening ghosts.

As I like here on the grass listening to the interesting sounds of nature like bees humming as if to warn me about some far away danger an airplane shatters my concentration. Finally the disruptive plane has flown away and I discover the horrible noise of a baby bird screaming for food.

Bugs and butterflies are playing merrily in the sunlight like children on a warm summer day. As I gaze upon the Bookcliffs, I think of a majestic masterpiece just completed by a detailed artist. I realize observing nature just how a live my world is!

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