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Kira Peacock

Discovering Time Travel

"I left you something."

"What is that?"

"Some kind of positive energy I feel every time I think of you surrounds it. You'll be drawn to it. There is energy on everything we leave. I predict three days."

The shadows never seemed to exist around her because she was a shadow. Sending energy almost seemed impossible. Wouldn't we have found it by now? A way to communicate and travel. I turned inward, what I had learned at the academy was almost lost to me at this time. Science and physics did not exist in her gifts. Were they gifts I should keep or run from. As human we only use 10% of our brain, was I tapping the other parts? As I focused on the path I stood on, something arose from the dirt. A letter was being drawn to me. I had seen this before. It was the letter my brother had written to me right before he left for the army. What was it 15 years earlier? That letter had been a source of light to me in a time of darkness. It was hard to see him go and although he returned I never saw my brother again the person we had wrote that letter. I picked up the letter and read it thinking only of him. Does he remember this letter? I read it over and over. I imagined him writing it pressing with his pen and thinking before each sentence. I rubbed my hand over the page and then a vision came to me. My brother weeps in a dark bunk...I have found what had caused him pain. I know why he pushed me away and I can feel love for him instead. I can now see into the past. Perhaps now I will find a way into the past.

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