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Dane Peacock


Chapter 1: Things in the House

Timmy ran past the thing in the bushes and zipped into his house.

“I’m home,” he shouted as he dropped his backpack on the kitchen floor. The thing under the fridge blinked.

Timmy’s little sister Anna was sitting at the kitchen table. Anna looked grumpy and her clothes were a mess.

“What’s the matter?” asked Timmy.

“Do NOT go near the thing in cage number 22. It will bite your face off.” she said.

Timmy went over to the table and sat by Anna.

“Where’s Dad?” asked Timmy.

“At the gate,” said Anna.

“He left you here alone?”

“I’m not alone,” said Anna, as the thing in the cupboard reached a green claw out from behind the door. Anna sprang from her chair and slammed her shoulder against the cupboard door. The thing howled and quickly drew its claw back into the cupboard.

“Is the mix done yet?” asked Timmy.

“Not yet. I have to make extra,” said Anna. “I need more bugs from the basement.”

“Okay. I’ll get them. How’s the big thing in the basement today?” Timmy asked.

“Mean.” said Anna. It was always mean.

Chapter 2: Things in the Basement

Timmy headed for the stairs. He was very careful to circle around the Weirdness in the Window. Anna was even scared of that thing. As Timmy went down to the basement, the things under the stairs growled at him. There were three of them now.

In the basement Timmy noticed that all of the cages were full. He stopped in front of cage number 22. In the cage was a very pretty girl. She had a pink ribbon in her hair and she was holding Timmy’s football. She smiled at him.

“Do you want to play catch with me?” She asked.

“No,” said Timmy, “You’ll bite my face off.”

The girl in cage number 22 kept smiling at him, but her teeth grew three inches.

Timmy went over to the dark corner and caught five large bugs. He knew that the big thing in the basement was spying on him. Timmy pretended not to notice, but he was not fooled. The big thing in the basement was a lousy spy.

Chapter 3: Things in the Window

Timmy carried the bugs back up the stairs and gave them to Anna. She stirred them into the mix. When it was done, Timmy and Anna went around and fed the mix to all the things in the house.

“I hope Dad gets the gate open soon,” said Timmy.

Timmy’s dad was a monster catcher. It was his job to catch the scary monsters in children’s homes and take them to the gate. The gate had been stuck closed for a whole week! Dad had to keep all of the monsters in their house for now. Things were getting crowded.

Timmy watched Anna fling spoonfuls of monster mix at the Weirdness in the Window. Timmy told her that she did not have to feed that thing, but Anna did it anyway, even though she stood way back. Anna was an excellent monster tender. She would be a great monster catcher some day. Timmy did not want to be a monster catcher. He wanted to be an inventor.

Chapter 4: Things in the Bedroom

When the mix was gone, Timmy headed for his room. Anna followed him. Timmy sat on his bed.

“Ooof,” said the thing under the bed.

“Sorry,” mumbled Timmy.

Anna ran over and jumped on the bed next to Timmy.

“Ouch,” said the thing under the bed.

Anna bounced down hard.

“Ooow!” said the thing under the bed.

“You’re hurting it on purpose” scolded Timmy.

“I’m not hurting it. It’s only pretending.” said Anna, “It likes to feel picked on.”

Anna bounced up and down.

“Ooof. Ouch. Ooow.”

Suddenly, their dad burst through the front door.

“Hurry!” he yelled, “The gate is open. Help me get the monsters into the wagon!”

Chapter 5: Things in the Wagon

They worked quickly to gather up the things under the beds, the things in the corners, the things in the closets, the things under the stairs, the things in the basement, and all of the things in the cages. They were very tired when they were done. The old stagecoach wagon was packed full.

Timmy and Anna rode with their dad in the front of the wagon. When they got to the gate, Timmy’s dad opened the back of the wagon and all of the monsters were pulled through the gate, except for the Weirdness in the Window.

When Timmy’s dad lifted the window, the glass shattered. The Weirdness was free! It had three red eyes and two blue tails. One of the tails grabbed Anna, the other tail grabbed Timmy, and just like that they were pulled through the gate! Timmy saw bright colors and swirls everywhere.

Chapter 6: Things in the Gate

Timmy, Anna, and the Weirdness floated through the colorful swirls. They drifted over to a window and fell into a strange room. They were not alone. A hideously ugly thing was standing in the middle of the room. The ugly thing was staring right at them with its mouth wide open. It screamed.

“Hide!” shouted Anna. She ran into the closet. Timmy dove under the bed. The Weirdness just sat there. The ugly thing kept screaming and screaming.

Seconds later, a very large ugly thing lumbered into the room.

“What’sss wrong, Princesss?” asked the very large ugly thing.

“I’m ssscared, Momma” said the little ugly thing.

“There’sss nothing to be ssscared about,” said Momma ugly thing. She picked up the Weirdness and handed it to Princesss. “Here’sss Rex. Now go to sssleep.”

“But there are people in my room!” said Princesss, hugging the Weirdness.

“How many timesss do I have to tell you?” said Momma ugly thing, “There’sss no sssuch thing as people.”

“Yesss there isss,” said Princesss, “there’sss one in my closet and one under my bed.”

“Sssilly Princesss, now go to sssleep.”

Momma ugly thing gave the Weirdness a pat on the head and left the room. Princesss nervously went over and sat on her bed. The bed squashed Timmy.

“Ooof,” said Timmy.

Princesss bounced on the bed.

“Owww,” said Timmy.

Princesss screamed and ran from the room clutching tightly to the Weirdness.

“Let’s go!” whispered Anna. Timmy and Anna climbed from their hiding places and dove through the window. There were bright colors and swirls again…

Chapter 7: Things in the World

Timmy’s dad was waiting for them at the gate. They rode home in the wagon and got into bed. The next day, Timmy went to school like normal. As he walked home, he heard two girls from his class talking to each other.

“I had a monster in my closet last night,” said Suzy.

“Were you scared?” asked Audrey.

“Oh yes. It was the scariest night ever.” said Suzy.

“How did you dare stay there?” asked Audrey.

“I slept in my parents’ room and turned on all of the lights, It was so, so scary.”

“Wow. You are the bravest person I know!” said Audrey.

Timmy smiled but didn’t say anything. Just then, the girls saw a large brown bug on the sidewalk and ran away.

Timmy bent down and picked it up. Maybe Anna could use it in her mix tonight.

The End

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