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Skyler Peacock

How is Your Imagination?

In the god’s chambers, the gods were having their debates about what god was more powerful and what god had the best planet. The god’s chamber had a gigantic, cylinder shape tower in the middle of the gray, beautifully carved floor. It was taller then the tallest skyscraper in the world! The tower had multiple doors with many moving faces above the doors.

Gorgar, the god that thought everything had to be clean and neat, was fighting the god of war about why war had to be so dirty. I made my way over to them. They had the same face with different expressions. They looked like twins!

The answer is simple why war is dirty, Gorgar; people are zapped to the ground in my planet,” said the god of war.

Now Herdnope,” said gorgar, “why can't you just make people puff into angels when they die, so you don't have to make a mess?”

They seemed like they where in a deep debate, so I left them and walked towards the god of evil and the god of good. They never talked to one another. They knew that if they did talk to each other, they would talk about something that would never change between the two.

I need you good human of our human kind,” the evil looking face said to me.

The voice of Good interrupted. “Every god needs someone like this little child. He could help us with our problem, Evil.”

Good, how could a child help us with are problem? He should just come into my mouth and fly down to our human planet once again.”

Good Ignored Evil, “What would you like more then anything child?”

To be tall like my father!” I answered.

I will make your wish come true, good child. I just need your help. We all need your help with a mistake that Evil and I have made. Our world is about to be destroyed by the gods Yo and Ha. They came from the country China on planet earth. They are not gods yet, but they are trying to become gods I told Evil to stop them, but he never listens to me.”

The evil one just stared at me, not saying one word.

I need you to come into my mouth and go to the planet YoHa. Yo and Ha have been making themselves more and more like gods! We need to stop them for the good of the gods! Yo and Ha have already puffed three of the gods in this tower to the land of the lost gods.

But I am not big enough,” I said.

I would send a grownup, but Yo and Ha are little children like you.”

So you want me to tell them to stop playing god? If they don’t then I will make them stop? I asked Good.

No, I want you to kill Yo and bring Ha back!” Evil said, being evil.

Good said, “Yes I want you to stop them. You are a child, so they will see you as a human. I will let them see you as a cute kitten. Come into my mouth and you will go to the planet YoHa. If you need help just call us with your voice.

I went into the mouth of the good god. Once inside, it felt like an endless sensation of spinning. I then appeared before two humans. They must be Yo and Ha.

Yo, look! Yo, it is a kitten! Yo!”

Ha, don’t touch that kitten, it might be an alien that will suck your brains out!”

Yo, chill, OK?” Ha ran over too me and picked me up. Yo followed and starts to pet me over the head. Yo, and Ha, and I suddenly disappeared.

Hello again child.” The voice of Good said. “Yo and Ha, you will be punished for what you have done.”

Leave child, go bother some other god!” Evil called out to me.

He just helped us, Evil!,” said Good, “Here is your reward, good child.” Then, I felt my self grow taller. I smiled at the good god and walked off.

I was glad to be there so I could grow taller and be like my parents. It was fun doing all the things that the gods asked me. I will continue be a helper to get theses amazing rewards! Maybe later I can have my own island. I love being a kid!

Time to eat!” my mom yelled to everyone in the house from the kitchen.

I'll be right there!” I screamed back to her. I jumped up from my toys and ran down the stairs to fill up my belly.

I did nothing more, but had fun doing things for the gods.

More than the end, it is the beginning of a wonderful, creative mind!

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