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Mersadie Somerville

Being Different

Zasha turned over in her bed and looked out the window. The bright sun was coming into her room through an open curtain. She stretched her legs and yawned. She didn't want to go to school. Zasha didn't like school. All of the kids made fun of her because they thought she had a weird name and an even weirder family. She thought their names were weirder than hers. What kind of name is Tom or Jane? They sounded so funny. When she made fun of them, everyone laughed at her, instead of with her. When Tom or Jane made fun of her name, everyone laughed with them.

Zasha climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom. She looked in the mirror and saw how tangly her hair blond hair was. She grabbed a brush and ran it through her hair, even though it hurt. She could hear her mother clanging pots in the kitchen. Zasha wondered if her mother was making any breakfast when her stomach rumbled. She splashed a little bit of water on her face and she felt refreshed. She brushed her teeth quickley, her brushing teqnuie no mother would ever approve of.

When Zasha got into the kitchen she saw her mother standing by the stove. Zasha could smell eggs and bacon.

"Zasha, there you are. Will you please get some cups out of the dishwasher?" Zasha's mother told her.

Zasha went over to the dishwasher and pulled out three cups that seemed clean. She set the biggest one on the table where her father sits, the medium one where her mother sits and the smallest where she sits. Her mother set plates of food next to each plate.

"Good morning Zasha!" Zasha turned to see her father. He kissed her on the cheek and sat down near his food and cup. My mother filled all of the cups with juice. I sat down and began to eat.

"Zasha, don't you have a presentation today at school?" Zasha's mother asked smiling.

Zasha took a bite of a peice of bacon and replied, "Yeah, I do."

"What's it about?" Zasha's father asked.

"Me..." Is all she said.

"Well that will be a great presentation, considering you're so interesting."

Zasha rolled her eyes, "What about me is exactly interesting Papa?"

"Zasha, you are very interesting! Tell them about where we are from."

"I guess..." She thought of Ireland. She couldn't remeber it at all. She only knew things about it from the books her parents had given her.

"Nash, what do you have planned for today?" Zasha's mother asked her father.

"Well Zaire, I am not really sure. Just going to the office and such." He replied.

Zasha ate the rest of her breakfast and went back into her bedroom. Why does my family have to be so different? Why can't I be like the other kids? Zasha thought. When you first look at the Zachree family, they seem like your average family, just a bit weirder. Their names for example, no one else had ever heard of them.


"Zasha Zachree-" Zasha's teacher asked as she called roll.

"Here," Zasha said quietly.

Zasha looked at some of the other kids, they all laughed and repeated her name underneath their breath.

"What kind of name is that?!" She heard one of them say.

"Jane Johnson-" The teacher continued looking down the rows of desks, making sure each student was present.

Jane Johnson sat in the row next to Zasha. "So Zasha, where is your family from? Mars?"

Zasha ignored her and stared at her notebook. She doodled small figures, the figures that filled her dreams. She had no idea what they were. Then she felt something hot on her shoulder. She looked up quickly, what she saw, she couldn't believe. A very small human-like creature with wings and red skin sat on her shoulder, it was whistling.

"'Bout time you noticed that me was here!" The little creature squeaked.

"What in the world..." Zasha said staring at the creature.

Jane Johnson looked at Zasha, "Talking to yourself now?"

Zasha ignored her again and looked at the creature. "What are you?" she asked it.

"I am Zeldan the fire pixie of course! Haven't you heard of me? I'm quite popular in Eidaa." The creature replied.

"What? Where?" Zasha asked, astonished.

"Oh stop your gibbering! The humans will think you've gone mad, talking to your shoulder!"

"Can't they see you too?"

"Humans can't see me for goodness sake! Only Yriaas can. Ask to go to the bathroom or something so we can talk private."

Zasha raised her hand.

"Yes Zasha?" The teacher asked.

"Mrs. Patilda, may I go to the bathroom?" Zasha asked.

"Yes, go ahead." Mrs. Patilda replied.

Zasha got up, taking her notebook with her. She heard Jane whisper something as she walked away. Zasha figured it had to do with the way she walked or something stupid. Once she was outside with Zeldan she started talking to him again.

"Okay, what is a Yriaas? What is Eidaa? Who are you?!"

"I already told you who I am. I am Zeldan the fire Yriaas! Eidaa is the land where you were born. Yriaas is what you are. The people who live in Eidaa are called Yriaas." Zeldan said with a hint of frustration.

The janitor walked past me and gave me that "what are you doing out of class" look. Zasha decided not to talk to Zeldan until she got to the bathroom. Zeldan seemed to notice my plan because he kept quiet as well. Once we reached the bathroom Zasha examined it and confirmed that no one else was in it. She picked up Zeldan and set him on a shelve near a mirror.

"Okay, so what are you talking about? What is Eidaa? I'm from Ireland, so is it some place there? What are Yriaas? Is that what they are calling Irish now?" Zasha asked.

"No, no, no! Your human idenity is from Ireland, wherever that is. Yriaas aren't Irish, whatever that is. Yriaas are fairies, you are a fairy." Zeldan replied.

"What, no I'm not! I am not as small as you!"

"No, that your not. That's because when you were born they put you inside a human body and kept your fairy body in Eidaa. You're parents have their fairy bodies in Eidaa as well. You automatically change when you go to Eidaa."

Zasha had no idea what to say. She really didn't think this was real. She pondered about what Zeldan had said. A fairy? No way! "Well... If what you say is true... What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering when you were gonna ask that. It is time for you to go to Eidaa and be in your fairy form. I believe your parents are there already, waiting for you."

"Really? I wonder why they never told me anything about this..."

"Well Zasha, since you have lived in the human world all your life, you could only go to Eidaa when you turned twelve."

"Why did they send you to get me?"

"I am always the one who comes and gets the Yriaas who have been human all their life. That's my job!"

"Oh, well where is Eidaa? How do we even get there?"

"Magic of course!"

"Then let's go!" Zasha wanted to see her parents again and ask them if this was all true.

Zeldan hopped back onto Zasha's shoulder and said, "Otee Aadiea!"

Suddenly, Zasha was surrounded by white mist. She felt like she was flying through clouds. Then she felt like she was falling. She looked down and could see a patch of green and yellow, getting closer and closer. She looked at Zeldan, his face looked peaceful. She closed her eyes just before they hit the patch of green. When she felt her feet on solid ground she opened her eyes. She was standing in a patch full of tall sunflowers that grew high all around them.

"Beautiful," Zasha whispered as she looked up at the sky. It was completely blue, not a cloud in site. The weather was warm, but nice.

"Yes, indeed it is." Zeldan replied with a smile. Zasha looked at her shoulder, expecting to see Zeldan sitting there still. He wasn't there, he was standing next to her. Standing as tall as she.

"You grew?!"

"No, you shrunk."

I laughed, "So where are we going to go now?"

"Follow me," Zeldan lead Zasha through the sunflowers and to a very high building.

"Wow, what is that?"

"This is the castle of Eidaa. I believe your family is here."

Zasha nodded and followed Zeldan up the steps to the large stone doors of the castle. The entire castle looked like it was made of stone. It was very large, Zasha wondered how big it would be to if she was her normal size. Before they made it to the door, the doors swung open. Zasha's mother was standing there. She looked very different. She had pinkish hair and blue skin.

"Zasha!!" She exclaimed. Zasha ran the rest of the way up to her mother. She hugged her tightly and smiled.

"So this is really real?!" Zasha asked.

"Of course it is Zasha. You are a fairy, just like your father and I. I am so sorry we never told you. Besides, if you ever came to Eidaa before you turned twelve, you would be a giant to us."

"Wow, amazing! So is that why everyone always thought my name was weird? My name was a fairy name, not like everyone else's."

"Humans make fun of what they don't understand I'm afraid. If only they knew what you truely are and what you can do."

Zasha smiled, "I wish I could rub in in their faces. They are boring humans, I am a fairy!!"

Zasha's mother lead her into the castle and they soon met up with Zasha's father. They had a great meal and a wonderful time. Zasha was happy because she finally felt like she belonged somewhere. She finally felt like she would never be made fun of again. Zasha realized that she shouldn't feel bad when the humans made fun of her. She was so much greater than them. If only they knew what she really was, they might make fun of her less, they might think she was cool. She didn't know, and she never wanted to find out. She wanted to stay in Eidaa with her family forever. Away from all of the people named Jane and Tom. She was happy that she was different from the humans. Being different made her special and she loved it!

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