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Dane Peacock

The Old Vine Wall

When I was walking home from school,

One sunny day in spring,

Some boys who thought that they were cool

(But were just mostly mean),

Were climbing on the old vine wall

To make it to the top,

But one by one each boy would stall

And could not make it up

Although a small and skinny thing

I pushed into their midst.

Yes, I could climb that big old thing.

I knew I could! I guessed.

They all stepped back and looked at me.

One whistled. Oh, how dumb.

The biggest one spoke up and said,

You are a precious one,

But I can tell what’s in your head:

You think it would be fun

To climb this wall. Why, you’d be dead!

A girl! And so young.”

It made me mad to hear them pick

On me, yes, they were strong,

But I was agile, lean, and quick.

I’d show them they were wrong.

So, moving up and reaching high

I grasped the branches squarely.

Standing on my tippy toes, I…

Hesitated, barely.

Oh look, she’s scared, the poor baby.

I think she’s gonna cry.

I made it way up there. You see?

Bet you can’t go that high.”

I held my breath, I couldn’t speak

I lost all track of time.

My body shook, my arms were weak

Yet, I started to climb.

I did not dare to look back down

I had something to prove

I blocked out every bit of sound

And got into a groove.

I made it to their highest spot

But did not think to stop

I kept on going up and up

At last I touched the top!

I hung there breathing heavily,

My cheeks were flushed with heat.

I had outdone them easily

The feeling was so sweet.

And then I saw a baseball card

Stuck in the vines up there

I also found a matchbox car

What were they doing there?

I cautiously peeked down at them

My thoughts were in a swirl.

They had to know that they had been

Beaten by a girl!

but hanging there so vulnerably

Much to my great distress

The boys were grinning wolfishly

And looking up my dress!

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