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Mersadie Somerville

Sadie's Poems

Thank You

I don't know how much more of this I can take.

I lay in bed, unable to sleep and awake.

The stress I have is enough to kill.

All my friends tell me to just relax and chill.

I worry about things that don't deserve or need my attention.

I start to tell others why I am uptight, but it's just too much to mention.

I hope that I am not this way for the rest of my days.

I hope I can learn to have fun, learn to change my ways.

I hate that I am always so serious and good.

Most of the time I just feel misunderstood.

Responsibilities I hold are greater than most.

What I Crave is some fun and freedom in a large dose.

Sometimes I feel like my friends are annoyed by me.

I just wish they could see.

That its hard for me to not be serious and take a joke.

The funny side of my personality is hidden from me by some dark cloak.

I try to have fun and stay up all night.

Never living out my childhood to me is a large fright.

Then you came into my life.

Now fun in my life is rife.

The seriousness is starting to fade.

Thank you so much for coming to my aid.

Now I know how to laugh and be a little bad.

Even if sometimes you and I make each other a little mad.

I just want to thank you for helping me.

You were the only one I suppose who could see.

I needed a little fun and one bad grade.

Now the serious side of my personality is getting a little shade.

Whenever I'm around you I can't stop talking.

Now my teachers look at me and can't stop gawking.

Now its out there for all to see.

I'm not as perfect as I pretended to be.

To all of my friends who helped me have some fun, but not too much. Thank You

Join us now.

That's right we are all the way down.

In the depths of hell.

Forever you shall be under this spell.

Pain will never cease.

You only wish you were deceased.

Darkness is your way of life.

Killing definitely will be rife.

Human souls will fall beneath you.

You will watch as their faces turn blue.

You will help us reach the ultimate goal.

For the human race to loose control.

The blood will stain your lips.

The demon side of you will eclipse.

Your human soul will fade.

No one will ever come to your aid.

Stop resiting, let it take control.

Killing is our main goal.

You are such a good friend.

I hope that we stay that way ‘till the end.

You make me laugh and smile.

We could talk about anything for a long while.

Thanks for being there for me when I need you.

You give me hugs when I feel blue.

I know I’m a motor mouth, a nerd too.

Then at times, so are you!

I suppose that is why we get along so well.

We are going to be friends for a long time, I can tell.

You are an awesome friend!

You are always honest with me and you don’t pretend.

You speak your mind.

Even with the truth hurts, you make it sound kind.

I wrote this poem especially for you!

I hope you believe that, because it is true!

I know that you will always be here for me.

And be for you, I will forever be.

Love your friend,

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