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Skyler Peacock


It strake me when I remembered that I was still reading my book when I dozed off.

I started to scan though the words. When I read the words losing and a paragraph letter mind; I now I was losing my mind!

The book dropped out of my hands when I dozed off again. Laying down so I will not feel as tied as I was before.

I felt my self drifting off to another world, only seeing blackness and whiteness. Flowing though my mind I could feel a more deeper, harder, and heavenly thought.

Making my own world I started with people coming out of the ground; buildings popping out from the whiteness of the top of my eye. The whole town wondering what is going on; they had know idea that they where in my head.

I sent a prophet to tell them that I made them. The people started to do what they did out of my head just like they did yesterday. Days past by vary fast, like watching your cake disappear in front of your eyes when you have company over.

On the horizon of my made up town, my villagers stopped their work seeing men in arms marching to my town. Gathering pike forks and hunting bows my villagers protected there town only by killing the soldiers with a puff out of my mind.

None of the great villagers died. All my friends stead alive and I smiled at my people.

I woke up with a shake to my shoulder. “Mom wants you done stairs or you will be grounded.” My brother said.

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