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The Best Science Fiction Books
Watchmen by Alan Moore
Genre: Science Fiction
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Watchmen: Rate this book

I hope this isn't the best this genre has to offer  - posted by Rocky Keele 04-28-2007 16:09
After hearing so many good things about this one, I was somewhat disappointed. It was probably more compelling when it was written in 1985, at the height of the cold war, but now, it didn't have an urgent feel. I was also put off a bit by the physical layout of the text. Each panel usually had text, and often 2 or 3 text balloons. Sometimes it got confusing. I'm sure that is just my lack of experience reading comics. Overall, the story just wasn't that interesting. It seemed disorganized at times there were times I didn't know what the author was driving at with some of the substories in the book. Not terrible, but I was really expecting much more.

The Greatest Comic Series Ever  - posted by Rusty 12-18-2006 12:35
Originally published as a comic book miniseries it is now collected as a graphic novel. An incredible story set in the mid 1980's where someone is killing off super heroes. All of this with the impending threat of nuclear war with the USSR. Not for kids, but still a great read that won several comic awards, a Hugo award, made it onto Time's 100 list and propelled Alan Moore (and comics in general) into the mainstream.

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