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The Best Thriller Books
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Thriller
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Twilight: Rate this book

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  - posted by DaNell 06-13-2008 16:29
I love this book!

Rating only  - posted by Sadie 09-26-2007 17:44
I read this book in one day also. I loved it! It was really great I couldn't put it down and it is all I could think about. Really great!!!

Romance with an edge  - posted by Joye 09-03-2007 12:39
I loved this book and also couldn't put it down. It took me parts of two days to finish this one. It is definitely a romance, so if you're not into that, you might not enjoy it. But there is also an edge or darkness about it, because it involves vampires. I loved how she made you feel all the emotions and love, without having sex be a part of it. She also gave a reasonable explanation for that so it wasn't too innocent. There was also suspense and excitement. The complete package was great. I highly recommend this one.

Captivating  - posted by Cin 09-01-2007 15:40
So, after Rusty tipped us off about this author I realized it was a book I had been eying for a while, just never knew what it was. So I bought all three in the series. I finished Twilight in ONE DAY!!! Yes, it's a page-turner.

Twilight is the story of a teenage girl that falls in love with a vampire. The story is from her point of view, and perhaps that is why I liked it so much. The author poignantly describes the characters feelings, beautifully uses imagery, and throws in enough humor, suspense and surprise that I could not put this one down.

I haven't read a book in one day since I was a teenager myself and had nothing better to do. Stayed up hours into the night to finish this one and HIGHLY recommend it!!! Glad I bought the next two, because I couldn't wait to get started on New Moon this morning.

I also wanted to mention how appropriate this book was. No sex, drugs, two very mild profanities. The gore level was sub zero. So, ahem, Rusty, since Interview With a Vampire was too much for you, you'll be able to handle this one. It was done very tactfully when vampire like situations came to the forefront. No queasiness whatsoever.

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