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The Best Science Fiction Books
The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons
Genre: Science Fiction
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for The Fall of Hyperion: Rate this book

Exciting book  - posted by Rocky Keele 06-30-2007 22:55
Its been a while since I read this one, but I remember liking some of the chase scenes in this one. And the ending is very good. One of the best scifi endings I've read. Simmons is a good author and his books are exciting and easy to get into.

Hyperion part II  - posted by Rusty 12-28-2006 16:52
This is really the 2nd half of Hyperion, the two books comprise one story. But this one is told in a different way, it is more of a narrative of events rather than the tales of several people. This one is all about the war with the Ousters, and what the pilgrims do while waiting for the Shrike. The ending is really cool, thanks to the strong characters and some great story telling.

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