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The Best Fantasy Books
The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Series

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Reviews for The Chronicles of Amber: Rate this book

Worlds and Worlds and Worlds  - posted by Kale 10-01-2007 13:35
This series is totally unique. His take on different dimensions is very interesting and makes for a very exciting story. The first series is better than the second.

Shifting  - posted by Rocky Keele 12-20-2006 21:17
A different take on the epic fantasy tale. Zelazny mixes fantasy and modern day in a way that really works out great. If you're bored of typical fantasy, try these.

Amber Chronicles  - posted by Joye 12-19-2006 14:24
A super fantasyscience fiction series. The way Zelazny could mix the two was incredible. It is a very unique series that was very hard to put down. I especially like how he started the series. The main character was learning what was going on just as we are. It is great. This one I would own and reread.

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