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The Best Science Fiction Books
The Alliance by Gerald Lund
Genre: Science Fiction
Type: Individual Book

Reviews for The Alliance: Rate this book

Free Agency  - posted by Joye 03-20-2007 17:30
I loved this book! It was written by a mormon author, but it was not a "mormon" book, although the point of the whole story was free agency. It was an exciting adventure, but it also had you thinking what life would really be like if we didn't have the ability to choose or if we were "forced" to be happy. It was an exciting enough adventure to make a terrific movie. I loved this one.

Religious Scifi????  - posted by Rocky Keele 03-15-2007 23:01
I haven't read this one in a while, but a very cool book. A look at free agency in a post apocolyptic setting. I still think this would make a great movie.

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