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The Best Science Fiction Books
Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds
Genre: Science Fiction
Type: Series

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Reviews for Revelation Space: Rate this book

Cool Science Fiction  - posted by Rusty 01-05-2008 13:52
I just finished this book and quite enjoyed it. This is the first novel I have read by Alastair Reynolds, and his scientific knowledge really shows through.
It is a cool story about a group of cyborgs looking for the only person in the galaxy who can heal their plagued captain. They end up getting much more than they bargained for.
The only thing I didn't like about the author's writing style is how in several places he takes you right up to the part where you are about to learn a "big" secret - only to put off telling you until the end of the book. That was kind of frustrating. However, overall a great read.

Unique ideas  - posted by Rocky Keele 06-30-2007 23:08
A couple of years ago, after reading some reviews on Amazon, I read this series. The author is (was) an astronomer for the European space agency, and his knowledge about the universe shows in his books. He is on the harder side of scifi. No FTL travel, relativity effects, etc. There were several ideas that really got me liking this series: A virus that mutates technology, really scary bad guys, really scary good guys, and ancient doomsday weapons that have minds of their own. Almost all the action takes place in space aboard ships in the first two books. The third book is a bit different, but it ties in eventually. If you liked Vernor Vinge's 'A Fire Upon the Deep', you might like this series.

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