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The Best Thriller Books
New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Thriller
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for New Moon: Rate this book

Whoa..  - posted by Sadie 09-26-2007 17:46
I also finished this one in one day. I loved it! It was much harder to read since there was so much pain in it.. I still fell in love with it though!! Amazing! I'm working on Eclipse now.

Vampires and Werewolves oh my!  - posted by Cin 09-07-2007 14:08
Yes, completely different from the first book of the series, yet still drew me in and made me love the characters. Some of the parts when Bella is dealing with her loss, I just kept thinking, yep, she's describing this very well. So, in comparison, the first book drips with love, the second drips with pain. The threats in this book were a bit more realistic and frightening than in the first book, I enjoyed the suspense and danger element more in book two.

Rejection sucks!  - posted by Joye 09-03-2007 16:50
This was another great one. I also read this one in just two or three days. In this, the second book in the series, Bella deals with the loss of one friend and the gaining of another. It's different from the first which was all about falling in love. This one also introduces us to new "monsters". The plot gets complicated and turns into a love triangle with some very interesting characters and ideas. Again, I really liked this book and would highly recommend it.

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