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The Best Science Fiction Books
Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny
Genre: Science Fiction
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Lord of Light: Rate this book

Sam I Am  - posted by Dane 10-25-2007 14:24
I am a huge Roger Zelazny fan. I enjoy the way that he structures his books and the way he reveals his stories. Lord of Light was nominated for the Nebula award and it won the Hugo. It is themed in Hindu mythology. It has all the signs of being a favorite.

The book is brilliant. The story unfolds in the distinctive Zelazny style where the readers are never told everything outright, and must figure things out as they go. I love this about Zelazny. It was kind of like reading the Lord of the Rings. I knew I was reading a classic, but it sure was a lot of work.

Two things hurt it for me. One, it was very difficult to bond to the characters. I never did feel a connection. Two, the style was a bit too emotionless and obscure. Thinking back, the story is a grand epic, but it didn't feel like it while reading.

Lord of Light is a great book, great story, too much work, and too emotionless.

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