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The Best Fantasy Books
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Rate this book

spookarific  - posted by Taison 08-14-2009 19:53
yeah this book is soooo spooky but still it is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spooky  - posted by Cin 07-16-2007 19:55
This book seemed to get a lot of bad reviews. Harry is too whiny, or too much evil, or Prof. Umbridge was too mean...blah blah..blah.
I LOVED this book! From the beginning when the dementors attacked Harry and his cousin, what a FANTASTIC beginning!, to the ending battle in the Ministry of Magic, loved every minute! Loved Harry's visions, they were disturbing..loved having Sirius around again, cried buckets when he died...loved that Harry was FINALLY acting like a real teenager! why did everyone get upset that the boy battling evil had a bad attitude?...and Prof. Umbridge while mean, was a perfect villain. I also liked the hospital parts when they visited Mr. Weasley, and ran into the old professor from book 2. Funny stuff!

The Order's Redemption  - posted by Rusty 07-15-2007 23:54
Ah... book five shows great redemption for the series. Yes, the dark overtones about Voldemort are still there, but this book was a nice return to the writing style that made her famous. It was actually fun to see the competitiveness between the Order and the Ministry. Professor Umbridge was the perfect villain! And the Weasley twins were just awesome - who wouldn't want some of those snack boxes?
Nicely done.

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