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The Best Fantasy Books
Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince: Rate this book

Rowling is the Master  - posted by DM 08-21-2012 13:14
Bravery, the quality valued by Griffendor, is the cornerstone of this book, even if we do not yet learn why the Half Blood Prince is not a coward. We learn that even as much as Harry was defined by his mother's bravery and sacrifice, Tom Riddle was defined by his own mother's cowardice and giving up. We also learn that Riddle murders because he is a coward, and that his magic is riddled with his own cowardice at every level. This book tops the series in character development, and is second only to "The Deathly Hallows" in my opinion.

the beginning of the end  - posted by Cin 08-03-2007 11:24
I liked this one very much. I just reread it, like Joye, to prepare for book #7. Agreeing with Rusty, yes there was an unmistakable shift in this book, a change of tone, but I did not think this was a bad thing. Each book in this series has steadily become darker and foreshadowed an ultimate battle between good and evil. So, being the second to last book in the series, what can you expect other than a gear towards that battle? Like Joye, I really enjoyed learning about Voldemort's past, and liked all the romance flying around the school. Like Rusty, I too think this book was mis-named. Really, the half blood prince was just a very small side-plot. Perhaps she named the book after Snape to let the reader know what an important character he is, or will become? Anyway, startin' # 7 today, guess I'll find out!

Where are you coming from......  - posted by Joye 07-25-2007 11:43
I just re-read this book to prepare for #7. I really like all these books. They are quick and easy to read and I never lose interest. In fact, I end up reading well into the night because I can't put them down. I think that is a mark of a great book. I like this specific one because it gave a lot of information. I liked knowing about Voldemort and where he came from. I liked the idea that you needed to understand the enemy in order to defeat the enemy. I also liked seeing things from another perspective. I liked the bits of romance in this book. No matter what is happening around you, there is always room for love. I really like how Rowlings makes you end up really loving (or hating) her characters. She makes you a part of the story. A good read I'd recommend to anyone.

Going down... down  - posted by Rusty 07-19-2007 08:12
The sixth Harry Potter book was not very good in my opinion. Maybe I am someone who doesn't like change, but I felt that the whole Harry Potter storyline was turned on its ear too much. Harry leaving Hogwarts, Snape's actions and what happened with Dumbledore - these were all too much out of line with the rest of the books. It was interesting learning about Voldemort's past, but there was so much of it that the book should have been titled "Voldemort, Harry and the Half-Blood Prince" Anyway, hopefully things get resolved nicely and neatly in the seventh book. I figure things can only go up from here... right?

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