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The Best Fantasy Books
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire: Rate this book

Opposing View  - posted by Cin 07-14-2007 23:27
Well Rusty, I agree with the book rating, definitely the worst book of the series, however, I feel this way for very different reasons. The goblet of fire tournament was complete crap. It dragged on for ages, and finally in the last two or three chapters of the book do we actually get some interesting reading in! When Cedric and Harry grab the portkey, that's when the real entertainment begins.
Honestly, each book has gotten darker and drearier for a reason. The first book may have been a lighthearted adventure where everything is happy and jolly, however, we have been drawn more and more into the story of good vs. evil between Harry and Voldemort. So, why are you complaining about that part of the story when it IS the story??? Huh punk? :)

Too much baggage  - posted by Rusty 07-14-2007 15:51
I kind of have some mixed feelings about this book: on the one hand I really liked the tri-wizard tournament and all the activities that go along with it during the school year. However, that part of the book is overshadowed by all the death-eaters and Voldemort stuff. Too bad. Honestly, that part after Harry and Cedric grab the cup and are port-keyed away was terrible. It was long, dragged out and not very interesting. It truly was the low point of the entire series. (But book 6 has some rival low points!) So thank goodness for the other stuff that went on during Harry's fourth year. The best part was when they tried to get the egg from the dragon. Good fun stuff there.

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