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The Best Fantasy Books
Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Series

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Reviews for Harry Potter: Rate this book

Go Go Go Go Go!!!!!  - posted by Taison 08-14-2009 19:39
I absultey loved them all and i even read the 7 book twice ( more on hp the dh ) i certainly LOVE!!!!! these books tens got my vote

Rock On!!!  - posted by Ginny 11-12-2007 16:39
Harry is the BOMB!!! I read every Harry Potter book in 3 months they were so good!!!

Love That Harry!  - posted by Cin 12-26-2006 20:44
Some of my favorite books of all time. I have to disagree with Rusty, while the first books were wonderful, they are my least favorite. I like that the story deepens with each novel, that the overall feeling of doom increases, and the tension builds with each year. I love the ever increasing battle between good and evil. Yet the lighthearted day to day life of Harry and his friends keeps it balanced. Wonderful books for children and adults, definately a 10 on my list for the entire series.

Go Harry!  - posted by Rocky Keele 12-20-2006 21:22
These are fun books to read. Never a dull moment. Since they are written for kids, nothing too scary, yet the tension is there.

Harry Potter  - posted by Joye 12-18-2006 10:12
Some of the few books I've actually counted down the days until the next one comes out. My favorite has been #4, but I have loved all of them.

The first ones are better...  - posted by Rusty 12-16-2006 17:12
Overall, as a series, I really liked the Harry Potter books. However, I think the earlier ones are better and more fun to read. The last few get too dark and too wrapped up in a story that isn't quite as fun to read anymore. Still who wouldn't want to be a student at Hogwarts?

Rating only  - posted by Sadie 12-16-2006 14:13
All the Harry Potter books are just plain awsome. I love each and every one. I cannot wait for the 7th one to come out!!

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