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The Best Science Fiction Books
Foundation by Isaac Asimov
Genre: Science Fiction
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Foundation: Rate this book

Classic Scifi  - posted by Rocky Keele 02-24-2007 20:03
I know this considered some of the best classic scifi around, but I was a bit dissapointed with this book (and the entire series). I like a lot of detail in my science fiction, and this book and series seemed much to general in its description of the technology and wonders of the empire. If you are more interested in the story and characters then this probably won't bother you, but I like to be fascinated by all the cool gadgets and inventions. Still, a good book and series.

The start of an incredible series  - posted by Rusty 01-15-2007 15:03
I have read the Foundation series twice, and have loved it both times. If you like Asimov at all then you have to read the Foundation novels. This first book is really a collection of five stories about the beginnings of the foundation, including the setting up of the Encyclopedia Galactica and the early rulers and traders on Terminus. The only drawback to these books is that they were written so long ago (the 50's) that the "new" technology described in them feels kind of cheesy now. Still, if you like grand sweeping themes over a long period of time then the Foundation novels are for you.

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