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The Best Horror Books
False Memory by Dean Koontz
Genre: Horror
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for False Memory: Rate this book

Too disturbing  - posted by Rocky Keele 12-20-2006 21:09
This was an exciting story, but a little too disturbing for my tastes. I like to read to escape reality, not to make me scared to go out.

False Memory  - posted by Joye 12-19-2006 13:41
This is one of my favorite Dean Koontz books. It kept me on the edge of my seat. He made it very believable and scary. I was cheering for the "good" guys to win and was constantly guessing how they could do that. The ending was a little out there, but I still liked it. This one has some evil stuff in it though, so others may not like it.

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