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The Best Thriller Books
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
Genre: Thriller
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Eclipse: Rate this book

Rating only  - posted by Anonymous 12-17-2007 22:30

May Have Spoilers  - posted by Sadie 09-28-2007 07:19
I am happy how it ended. Most of the characters seemed to live happily ever after. There was one character- that I felt soo sorry for by the end. I think that how Stephenie described how much Bella loved two of the characters was amazing. There were times that I was getting a little frusterated with Bella's stubborness- but I think most of it paid off... I am glad that I finished it- but now I have to go back to reality! Ooh, boring ol' reality.. =P I really loved this book and the two before it! I hope this is not that last of Stephenie Meyer!

Battles - emotional and physical  - posted by Joye 09-03-2007 12:49
Another page turner. I sailed through this book too. The emotions in this one were heart-wrenching. There was also the very real threat from enemies. The love triangle continues, but it is done in such a fascinating way. I really felt for each party. The fight scenes were done really well too. I was also glad how some of the things were concluded - enemies and love. This one made me cry, but I loved it. Another great read.

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