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The Best Historical Fiction Books
Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton
Genre: Historical Fiction
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Eaters of the Dead: Rate this book

Loved it  - posted by POD 07-18-2007 11:25
What I liked about the book was it being couched as a true story from the writings of a courtly gentleman in the Emir/Prince's court who fell from grace and needed to get out of town... yes, as others have pointed out, it may not have been one of Crichton's better books, but I loved the tale - reminded me a little of Ambrose Bierce's Wendigo...

Human vs. subhuman  - posted by Rocky Keele 03-15-2007 22:53
I agree with Rusty that this isn't Crichton's best book, but I still liked it ok. The two things that I liked were how he made the book seem like an actual history, and the type of "monsters" (as Rusty called them) that the characters are going to fight.

One civilized man and 12 barbarians  - posted by Rusty 03-10-2007 11:53
While this book is sort of an interesting read, I still place on the list of "bad" Crichton books. It is about an ambassador from Baghdad who is captured by a group of Vikings and taken on a quest to kill some monsters. The interesting thing is that the book is presented as though it were fact, complete with foot notes and all. Anyway, I say try one of Crichton's other books.

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