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The Best Science Fiction Books
Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow
Genre: Science Fiction
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom: Rate this book

The Dark Side of Disney World  - posted by Rusty 09-11-2007 15:25
I was initially drawn to this book because it has a unique license: you can read, copy and pass along the electronic version for free - as long as you don't change it or make any money from it. Cool. I signed up to read it via email chunks from www.dailylit.com and it took me several months to get through it, but I quite enjoyed it.

Anyway, it is a nifty story about a man who works in a far-future Disney world. Money has disappeared and people get rich from whuffie - the esteem of others. The protagonist works at the Haunted Mansion and finds himself drawn into a hostile take-over bid for his ride when he is murdered (and then restored) by a competing faction in the theme park.

There are some really cool ideas in this book - whuffie, restoring yourself from backup and a society so free that its possible for groups to take over operation of business based on how other people feel about them. This one isn't intended for children, but it was a great read with lots of mind stretching ideas. Even more amazing is the fact that the author is only 3 months older than me!

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