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The Best Fantasy Books
A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for A Wizard of Earthsea: Rate this book

Sparrowhawk  - posted by Kale 10-18-2007 23:44
This is the only fantasy book that I've read more than twice. It is a short and easy read that is exciting even in the slow parts. It's a great all around story. The SciFi channel did a decent mini-series of it. I enjoyed the entire series.

Earthsea  - posted by Joye 12-18-2006 10:10
I read this whole series and liked them. He travelled to different island and had different adventures. Very good.

Before Harry Potter there was Ged  - posted by Rusty 12-16-2006 20:33
When the Harry Potter books came out I was surprised at how much they had in common with the older (and smaller) Wizard of Earthsea books. This is the first of the series, and is a great little story. About a boy who goes to a far off island to study to become a mage. He accidentally lets a shadow loose upon the world and then spends years battling it. A excellent (if short) read.

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