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The Best Science Fiction Books
A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge
Genre: Science Fiction
Type: Individual Book

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Reviews for A Fire Upon the Deep: Rate this book

Awesome!  - posted by Kale 04-09-2007 16:38
This is my alltime favorite book! I liked it so much because of it's deepness and originality. It takes entirely new slants on the nature of the universe and what makes an "individual". It explores a lot of themes to a very deep level, like to what extent any person can or should go for a cause, no matter where it is on the morality spectrum. This is a totally unique book in the realm of science fiction!

Two very cool ideas  - posted by Rocky Keele 02-24-2007 19:54
This is one of my favorite scifi books. There are two very cool ideas presented in this story that made it very interesting for me (I won't spoil the surprise). If you like scifi, or if you want to try a good scifi book, try this one.

Zones of Thought  - posted by Rusty 12-20-2006 21:03
A good book with some really cool and unique ideas that you don't find in other science fiction novels. About two kids who crash land on a backwords world of "sharedthoughtpacks" and a terrible virus that is unleashed on the galaxy. Cool stuff.

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