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Caption Contest II

The Spontaneous Caption Contest!

Sponsored by Raelynn!
Dog & Horse Picture

Mari Peacock:
  • MMMM! Dinner!
  • Grandma, my what big whiskers you have!
  • Hey, do I have a booger?
Rusty Keele:
  • Horse: Is that a dog or did I just blow a hairy booger?
  • Dog: Is that a nostril or an undiscovered entry to The Devil's Throat?
  • #7 on the list of Top Ten Moments To Supress Your Sneeze!
Nicolee Stewart:
  • mmm... this isn't my mom.
  • After a long day at the puppy pampering salon, Rip went to the stables to grace the barn animals with his presence.
  • Whew.. what does this guy eat? Hay?
  • Maybe if I close my eyes long enough he won't realize I am here
  • Please don't eat me.. Please don't eat me.. Please don't eat me..
Sadie Somerville:
  • Whoa, your nostril is as big as my head!!
  • Plucked much? Nose hairs... not attractive..
  • Yo breath is kickin'!  * 2nd Place *
Ralph Keele:
  • My what big nostrils you have.
  • You want a piece of me, come on big guy, I'm ready.
  • MAN, you need a breath mint. whew !!!
Shirlee Keele:
  • My mother said there would be days like this.
  • When I die, I go to Heaven. When you die, your dog food.  * Winner *
  • Do ya want a dance?
  • Why didn't you tell me you were wearing this color, I would have worn a different outfit.