About Me

Probably more than you wanted to know...

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Who Am I?

My name is Rusty. Yes, that's my real name - my parents had an aversion to common names and so gave all of us "unique" names.

I currently live in the state of Utah (USA), although I spent several years living in Sin City - that capital of gambling otherwise known as Las Vegas, Nevada. That was fun, and I enjoyed the hot, sunny weather there, but the city got old after a while. Now I live near beautiful mountains with lots of hiking and skiing trails!

I have been married for several years to my awesome wife. We have three great kids - two boys and girl.

Right now I'm working as a web programmer for the Utah Education Network. I mostly program in PHP, HTML and CSS, but I have also used JavaScript, Java, C and C++. I have loved programming ever since my first computer: a Commodore 64 way back in the early 1980's! I still own a Commodore 128 and I'm an avid user of VICE - the Virtual Commodore Emulator. I'm also a huge Linux fan and I try to promote open source software as much as I can.

What have I done in life?

I have spent many years taking university level courses. While some may see that as a sad and torturous life, I have quite enjoyed all the things I have learned. I have have a BA in Computer Science and am a certified ESL teacher. Loads of fun!

I also enjoy studying languages. I have taken serious stabs at Spanish, Chamorro, Pohnpeian, Japanese and Arabic - though I really only mastered one fluently: Pohnpeian.

I spent two years living on some tiny islands in Micronesia - in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. That was an eye-opening experience that I believe has made me a more tolerent and knowledgeable person... hopefully!

I do have one claim to fame, even though it is small: When I was 16 I won a state wide talent contest with my dazzling talent for juggling!

I am also a collector of comic books. Mostly I like Marvel and DC stuff, but I've read lots of stuff from other companies too. I grew up reading Harvey Comics - mostly Richie Rich, Casper and Hot Stuff - and I still have several of those old 35 cent comics! My favorite series, however, is Alan Moore's masterpiece Watchmen.

Why this site?

So, anyway. I started this site because I needed a place to show off me - my writings, stories and awesome web skills! I have a bunch of other web sites (see sidebar) but none of them are about me. And none of them allow me the freedom to post whatever I want and whenever I want. This is my free web site in which I can do anything I want. Hopefully I'll do some cool stuff which you will like, and you'll keep coming back.